What to Support?


With the aim of facilitating training highly qualifiedspecialists in education, science, culture and sports (in terms of education), promoting Latvian students’ and young scientists’ creative skills, as well as enabling their efficient use and development, RTU Development Fund administers and allocates scholarships to the best RTU students.



Thanks to the support of benefactors, the Development Fund annually organizes about 15 different scholarship competitions for students, researchers and scientific collaborators. For more information about these scholarships, see here.


RTU Development Fund has helped the staff of Riga Technical University implement a number of important projects. Donationsare mainly designated either to a certain faculty of RTU or for a particular purpose. The support is mainly provided in the form of tangible donations (materials, products,  software, equipment), and other tangible forms of assistance, for example implementation of renovation projects.



Thanks to the support of benefactors, the Development Fund has assisted in the implementation of projects related both to improvement of infrastructure and student training. For more information, see here.

Infrastructure Projects

One of the fundamental values of RTU DevelopmentF und is the continuous development of education and science as well as improvement of learning environment and infrastructure.

Major infrastructure improvement projects help students acquire knowledgeand skills in the fields of technical sciences, establish new labs, and improve the learning environment. For more information, see here.

Statutory Aims of the Development Fund

The primary aim of the Development Fund is to carry out activities aimed at providing public goods, attract donations and grants fromorganisations, legal entities and individuals in order to help tertiarytechnical education establishments, first of all, RTU become modern centres of education, science and culture in Latvia.


Everyone has the opportunity to make donations to the Development Fund for the implementation of statutory aims. In this way, projects, which are given the highest priority for the university development, are supported.


Only thanks to the selfless support and generous donations, the Development Fund implements it`s general statutory aims.

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